Kevin & Heena 

We are Kevin and Heena, husband and wife photographers based in the heart of Sydney, Australia.


We are believers in God, love travelling and obsessed with delicious coffees.


Back to the days when we were dating, it seemed so natural for us to bring our cameras wherever we went, always seeking to capture moments that would help us to recall those fond memories through photographic images so that we can sit down and dive into them later together.


Then, we started to call ourselves ‘Two Similar Eyes’ from the moment we‘d realised that we have two similar but slightly different perspectives in viewing this wonderful world. 


Two Similar Eyes has always been about telling stories through our eyes and they are closely dictated by what we observe and feel at that exact moment.


We hope that you are in love with our work as much as we are because it will help us to gel together very quickly!


If you are in Sydney, you might spot us at a local cafe with many empty cups of espressos and flat whites in front of us, doing what we love and cherish. Whatever that may be.

©Two Similar Eyes 2020