Sometimes we have to stop and think hard when we are about to suggest to the couples to travel far away (as faaarr as you can) from the city for their engagement sessions. Because, when it comes down to ticking the boxes for serenity and isolation from crowdedness of the busy city, magical backdrop and lighting and so on, nothing beats a beautiful outdoor scenery that the rest of NSW has to offer. 


Is this really necessary? What if this puts off our clients? 


We are always in doubts because it will cost them a little extra as we charge a travel fee per distance but more importantly it involves physical and time investment for both parties after all.


Nevertheless, we have already proven our point by having done a number sessions in the wilderness (Breenhold Gardens in Mt Wilson, Kiama in South Coast NSW and Wanaka in New Zealand are some of the many examples), we believe all of them turned out fantastic. 


When Cat and Jungsoo got in touch with us at the end of last year to have us as their wedding photographers, we had the opportunity to give suggestions on their engagement photoshoot location. I did not shy away from telling Catherine that the Lincoln’s Rock Lookout in the Blue Mountains would be a great option (along with few other micro-locations nearby, just in case she may not like it). They positively responded to my suggestion and we planned it forward.


On a hot summer day’s afternoon, our aim was to get there by 4 pm and set up around 4.30 pm to finish off with the golden light just after the sunset at 7.30-ish. 


Oh, another great thing about driving long-distances together with your wedding clients is that you get to know each other on other levels as we share small and big stories in our lives. This definitely helps us to observe and capture the couple better with a clearer context through our lenses on their wedding day.


I’ll let the photo set below to tell the rest of the story as I’ve gone WAY over my word limits I’ve told Heena that I’d stick to.

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